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Why Choose Fargo Hose Company?

When you’re looking for a reliable hydraulic hose supplier, Fargo Hose Company is just a phone call away. With over 30 years of hydraulic hose manufacturing experience, we are able to help you find the right sized hose for your needs, whether you are an individual requiring a single hydraulic hose or an original equipment manufacturer in need of thousands of assemblies in a steady supply. Fargo Hose Company is proud to be employee-owned and customer driven.

Value Added Services

We’re on a mission to help our clients succeed. As such, our value-added services will enable you to streamline your business, decrease inputs, and improve your bottom line. We’re always working to develop solutions that fit individual businesses. Ask about the programs we offer, such as:


• KanBan
• Bin Refill
• Returnable Containers
• Line Stocking
• Barcoding

Cleanliness Testing

At Fargo Hose Company, we understand the importance of maintaining a high level of cleanliness in our manufacturing process. We have established an on-site cleanliness lab, which enables us to continually test, monitor, and improve the cleanliness of our hose assemblies, ensuring that we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Fargo Hose Company’s kitting and lean processes will simplify your business by creating a single part number for your system. Your purchasing department will be able to enter a single number for multiple items when ordering. Line workers will not have to leave their stations for multiple parts, and you’ll maintain accurate inventory control.


We maintain a fleet of vehicles to ensure quick delivery directly to your site, including hot orders, deliveries at your convenience, line stocking, and more.



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Saturday & Sunday – Closed

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Fargo Hose Company has a ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System. We strive to provide you the highest level of quality with the best service. Download our current certificate here.

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